Bobbing for Biscuits

Another of my all time favourite games is Bobbing for Biscuits in my own personal paddling pool in the back garden. It’s a game I taught Dad, oh, a few months ago now. Given his age and his state of premature senility, he’s taken to it remarkably quickly.

It started out as an accident as so many happy things seem to do. To cut a long story short: Dad, garden, biscuit, awful throw, wind, paddling pool, water, yum yum, I like this game let’s do it again. Get the picture?

So that’s what we did. Now I kill two birds with one stone by eating and drinking at the same time. Dad gets to exercise his arm in a way that doesn’t involve a pint glass and a cigar, and I get to hone my snorkelling skills in a safer environment than the sea where big monsters what want to eat me live!


I am a large, friendly, affectionate and, even though I say so myself, fabulously handsome 3 year old German Shepherd Dog whose mother, Lexi, is one of the few German Shepherds in the UK to have qualified to become a Therapy Dog (PAT dog).