Don’t Touch Animal Friends Pet Insurance with a Pole!

Remember when I was ill last year? Remember how bad I was? All those weeks of going backwards and forwards to the doctors – blood tests, xrays, camera work, several anaesthetics, enough medication to stock a village pharmacy.

Well those unfriendly people at Animal Friends Pet Uninsurance (with friends like these, who needs enemies), have found a way to wheedle out of paying my claim. £1400 down the tubes. I’m not a happy GSD and my Dad says he’s not a happy Bunny, whatever that means.

What it does mean is that I’ll be cancelling my policy with Animal Friends Pet Uninsurance. What’s the point of paying good money for an insurance policy when the company refuses to settle a claim just so they can have nice holidays and big fat bonuses with the proceeds?

Let’s face it, if an insurance policy turns out to be an uninsurance policy as it clearly does with Animal Friends, what’s the point of having one? As we German Shepherds are fond of saying, that’s like someone biting you in the a*** and then expecting you to pay them for the privilege!

As we German Shepherds are also fond of saying: fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice – not a chance!

Anyone considering using Animal Friends Pet Uninsurance, you have been WARNED!

Animal Friends. The insurance company that likes to add Insult to Injury!

P.S. How many others out there have had their pocket picked by Animal Friends Pet Insurance I wonder?