I’ve Seen the Rude Man!

Yesterday, Mum, Dad and me visited Cerne Abbas in Dorset, famous – or should that be infamous – for being the home of the Rude Man, known officially as the Cerne Abbas Giant.

For the uninitiated, the Cerne Abbas Giant is a 55 metre (180 ft) naked figure carved into the chalk hillside above the delightful village of Cerne Abbas. It is considered by some to be an Iron Age fertility symbol given the fact that the man sports, how shall I put this, a rather substantial erect penis more than capable of clubbing to death an unwilling Iron Age partner if ancient push came to primitive shove. Big? It’s huge!

The area as a whole has some wonderful walks, while the village itself has a number of dog-friendly, pooch-welcoming pubs and cafes. We also met a couple of really lovely people along with their smashing dogs.

All in all we had a terrific time and will be returning very soon. With any luck, we might see you there too!