My New Dog Agility Tunnel


Today was a really, really exciting day for me. The delivery man delivered my new Dog Agility Tunnel and I couldn’t wait to unwrap it and get it set up on our old tennis court that we now use as a chill out area for me and my mates.

I love Tunnels, don’t you? I think every dog loves a good tunnel. They’re just the most fun a dog can have that doesn’t involve a good book, a glass of port and a finely rolled cigar.

Some dogs such as terriers and some of the hound breeds like to burrow to search for prey so using a Dog Agility Tunnel comes instinctively to them. Others with short coats like to burrow for warmth so will naturally regard a Tunnel as a safe haven and run through it quite readily. Me? I like to Tunnel purely for the fun of it.

I was about a year old when Mum and Dad first took me to an agility course. I loved it. I loved the jumps, I loved the high walk, I loved the tyre, but most of all I loved the Tunnels. Okay, so it’s taken a year of gentle reminders and a permanently sagging bottom lip, but finally I’ve got my very own Agility Tunnel. No more pouting for me. I’m too busy having fun with my new toy!


I am a large, friendly, affectionate and, even though I say so myself, fabulously handsome 3 year old German Shepherd Dog whose mother, Lexi, is one of the few German Shepherds in the UK to have qualified to become a Therapy Dog (PAT dog).