Marco is a large, friendly, affectionate and fabulously handsome 3 year old German Shepherd Dog. His father, Roman, is a sturdy, handsome, all-black GSD of impeccable temperament. His mother, Lexi, in addition to being beautiful, is also one of the few German Shepherds in the UK to have qualified to become a Therapy Dog (PAT dog). Reared in her home by breeder Cheryl Spurr, Lexi and Roman’s offspring were designed to be caring dogs.

The first born, Marco is, according to Cheryl, the closest in temperament to his mother. All his siblings have since achieved their Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards, and one of his sisters is also herself now a PAT dog.

Most pets promoting products today are fluffy little bundles of fun. Although possessed of a wonderfully silky coat, Marco is far from small,

and yet people seem inexplicably drawn to him. There is just something about him that puts a smile on the face of everyone who comes into contact with him.

Marco is large (47.5kg), straight backed, dark, perfectly proportioned and fabulously handsome with beautiful markings and soft, non-challenging eyes. Far from people crossing the street to avoid him, they cross the street to say hello and to stroke him, such that a ten minute walk through our local town can take an hour or more!