My dad is Gerald Pepin. He’s a qualified UK Canine Nutritionist, who helps lots of pet parents and their dogs to improve their health with good food. That’s me and him relaxing in our garden last spring. It’s really fun having a dad who’s a dog nutritionist. It means that me and my sister get to try out lots of nice things to eat.

Dad’s always making new things. New recipes with new ingredients we’ve never tried before. We have tried most things though, because dad’s a great believer in variety in the canine diet.

Just today for example we took a delivery of herbs and spices including spirulina, parsley, rosemary, chlorella and gotu kola. Dad likes to include these things with our food. He also makes and sells lots of healthy dog supplements. My favourite is something called joint support for dogs. It’s a natural dog joint supplement that he started out making just for me. I’m a big dog and dad just wants to make sure my joints stay healthy for when I get older. Lots of dogs, and people of course, suffer from arthritis when they get older. Dad tells me the more you do to protect a dog’s joints throughout its life, the healthier it will be when it becomes a senior dog. It’s something dad calls investing in our future. He takes my joint supplement too by the way, so it must be good!

The thing about the supplements and food my dad makes is that everything is made with human-grade ingredients. That means humans can take and eat them too. That’s how come I sometimes see dad tasting our food when he’s making it. He tells Ava and me that he’s sampling our food like any good chef. We know better though. We might be dogs, but even we know the difference between sampling and pigging out because somethings tastes so good it just leaves you wanting more!

Still, he’s a good dad. He really takes good care of us, and it’s so nice to have a dad who’s an expert in canine nutrition. A canine nutritionist. He makes sure our home cooked dog food is full of vitamins and minerals because he only makes it with fresh natural ingredients. Fresh meat and fish, fruit and vegetables topped off with seeds and berries and healthy oils.

By the way, if you have a dog and you want to see the kind of food dad recommends for dogs, you can find his feeding guide for homemade dog food on his website. Trust me, as a dog who knows good food when he sees it, I highly recommend it for your best friend. I wouldn’t be the dog I am today without it, and I’d recommend my dad and his feeding methods to anyone!