Today I was honoured and delighted to once again win the prestigious “Dog of the Day” award. It’s far from the first time I’ve won the award, but today the voting in my favour was so unanimous I also earned a meritorious Gold Star to boot.

Of course to some there might be considered a modicum of nepotism considering Dad is the senior judge on the panel to say nothing of being the entire jury. And the fact that, today, as always, I was the only nominee. Nonetheless, the award means a great deal to me. I shall treasure it. Always!

And how did I earn this much coveted award? No doubt you will have heard of the term ‘a three dog night’, indicating a night so cold that you need to curl up with three dogs in order to keep warm. Well, today I had a sixteen dog day. A day in which I said hello to sixteen dogs on our early morning walk in the park without eating a single one of them. Not even a little nibble. That’s a record for me, and beat my previous best which was eleven on the Sunday morning before last.

So, in keeping with tradition, I’d like to thank my friends and co-stars. Aida, Jack, Marley, Holly, Jake, Shadow, Spot, Tripod and all the others too numerous to mention.

(I’m choking back a tear at this point by the way).

I’d also like to thank Auntie Cheryl, my breeder. Auntie Julie, my trainer and voice coach. Mum, my makeup and wardrobe assistant. Dad, my agent, general factotum and chief flower arranger. My best friend Mischa and her mum, my Auntie Pauline. My manicurist and head of security, Uncle Tim. My on-set Pooper Scooper, Shaun. Micky and, well, everyone who knows me.

Thank you and, sob, God Bless you all!