Well, what a day. Almost four weeks to the day since I first met up with my half-sister, Shia, her lovely Mum, Auntie Jacey, and the other two members of the family, Twiglet and Teazle, we did it again today. Met up I mean. And what a right royal time we had.

This time we all met up in Cerne Abbas in Dorset, famous for being the home of the Cerne Abbas Giant, the huge chalk figure in the hills above the village. You know, the naked one with an erect penis so big that it spans two counties!

After meeting up in the carpark we trundled up hill and down dale for miles before finally ending up in one of my own personal favourite watering holes. The rill that runs through the centre of the village.

After a quick and refreshing dunk, we all had lunch in a lovely little dog-friendly garden cafe before yet another, longer, play and dunk in the stream that feeds the rill that runs through the centre of the village.

What a jape. The four of us had the most enormous and refreshing fun doing what dogs do best. Larking about like lunatics!

I haven’t had so much fun in ages. Today is certainly a day I will remember for a very, very long time.

Thank you guys. Let’s do it again soon!

(And the bone? Actually, there wasn’t one, but then there wasn’t one in the original play of that name either. Come to think about it, there weren’t any dogs in ‘Four Dogs and a Bone’. No dogs. No bone. At least you get four dogs in my story if nothing else!).