I just bought myself a new feeder. I bought it with my pocket money.

When you think about it, eating can be pretty boring. Especially for a dog, and most especially with today’s formulated, complete dry dog foods. From the point of view of a dog – and what other point of view is there? – there is nothing more unnatural than eating food, of whatever ilk, out of a concave dog bowl. I mean, what is that all about? We might be domesticated, but when all is said and done, at heart, we’re still animals. Where on earth is a dog, living in the wild, going to find a concave dog bowl to eat out of? Unless of course he or she locates, catches and kills a tortoise, turns it over, scoops out and then eats the insides? It’s just so unnatural. Did I say that already?

Quite aside from the moral and ethical dilemma presented by the prospect of scooping out and eating sweet little tortoises in order to make food bowls, there’s another problem.

Imagine you’re a wild dog and you’re living in down town Peckham in south east London. (Well, I guess someone has to!). Where you going to find a tortoise every time you need one? You’re living in Peckham and tortoises are native to places like southern Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean area. And what do you do with the shell each time you’ve finished eating? Carry it around with you everywhere you go? Hide it in the hope that it will still be there next time you pass by?

That reminds me of a joke. How many tortoises does it take to make a stew? It depends on how many you can afford to shell out for!

My new feeder is called an Outward Hound Fun Feeder, Healthy Slow-Feeding Bowl! Unlike the normal concave dog food bowls, this has multiple ridges and valleys in it which means I have to use all my senses to figure out the best way of getting to my food. Because I have to think more, it takes me longer to eat my food which means:

Key benefits:

  • It helps to prevent bloating and flatulence.
  • It encourages me to chew my food properly to aid better digestion and ensure cleaner teeth.
  • It helps prevent problems associated with wolfing down my food such a choking, vomiting, gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) (bloat).

My new feeder addresses those issues as well as being strong, durable, brightly coloured, made from food-safe plastic which is dishwasher safe and has a rubber base to prevent sliding. My dad’s a canine nutritionist and he really rates my new feeder.

Eating out of my new feeder seems more natural. It’s more like eating out in the wild where a dog has to work harder for its food. It also takes longer so I’m better able to digest my food properly. And the best bit? It’s also a lot more fun. A whole lot more fun. Because I have to work harder for my food, I appreciate it all the more. I also have to think more so it’s good mental stimulation. So it becomes a fun, mentally stimulating game that keeps me occupied about ten times longer than eating out of a normal dog bowl.

So there you go. Cool eh!